Launching broader outcomes into the New Zealand construction sector

The Construction Sector Accord sought to develop practical broader outcomes guidance that could help the construction sector deliver better outcomes for the benefit of New Zealand. 

How Height helped

The Construction Sector Accord engaged Height to help them to achieve positive cultural, environmental, social and economic outcomes from the New Zealand construction sector’s procurement activities – also known as broader outcomes. 

Height developed three modules of visually engaging and practical guidance to help government buyers consistently apply broader outcomes into their tender documents, and provide greater consistency of the broader outcomes that agencies are using for construction procurement.

We sought input from a wide range of stakeholders throughout development from across industry and government. We also worked closely with a graphic designer every step of the way so that the modules had high visual impact.


The Construction Sector Broader Outcomes Guidance was launched November 2021 on the Accord website.  (Procurement and risk | Construction Accord)

Module 1: What are broader outcomes and why are they important for the construction industry?

  • Government buyers: This module improves understanding of what broader outcomes are and the priority broader outcomes for construction procurement.
  • Supplier: This module sought to improve understanding of what broader outcomes are and what government buyers are looking for when they ask about broader outcomes.

Module 2: How to incorporate broader outcomes in construction procurement?

  • Government buyer: This module supports understanding at a high level for how buyers might embed broader outcomes throughout the procurement process. The opportunity map mentioned in Module 2 supports the prioritisation of which broader outcomes to include in the construction project or programme.
  • Supplier: This module provides more transparency on how government buyers are embedding broader outcomes into their procurement process.

Module 3: How to incorporate broader outcomes in construction procurement? (More in-depth)

  • Government buyer: This module supports drafting of RFx, contract documentation, for evaluating tenders, informing negotiations and KPI management.
  • Supplier: This module provides transparency on what questions government buyers may ask about broader outcomes and how tender submissions may be evaluated.

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