Sustainable outcomes stage 00

Delivering Broader Outcomes:

  • Operationalising policy into practical delivery
  • Achieving a consistent approach and buy-in
  • Achieving an organisational culture that lives up to Treaty of Waitangi principles
  • Ensuring investment supports Broader Outcomes delivery
  • Quantifying and measuring Broader Outcomes
  • Ensuring investment supports Broader Outcomes delivery

Bid Management Circle of Trust
The Height approach is about improving performance across the whole contract cycle. Because ultimately successful delivery is a partnership between buyer and supplier, we call this the “Circle of Trust.”

Planning for social good
Developing your capabilities
Create commitment and real change
Social and Sustainable Outcomes Lifecycle | Height PM
  • Planning for social good stage 00

    Planning for social good

    How do you put purpose at the heart of your business and create long-term social impact? How can you achieve buy-in and build a consistent approach? What should you measure and why?

    • Embedding purpose in procurement
      We work with you to align business and impact ambitions for outcomes that go beyond commercial success—from social and cultural change, to environmental and economic good. As a Māori business, Height specialises in helping government agencies to embed supplier diversity, and meaningful goals and KPIs into procurement strategy and project delivery, and helping indigenous companies to win more contracts and thrive.
    Man and woman planning for social good
  • Developing your capabilities stage 00

    Developing your capabilities

    How do you achieve the greatest impact from the inside-out? What will improve your company’s capabilities to deliver? How will you comply with legislation?

    • Putting policy into practice
      Through our tailored workshops, live team coaching and commercial advice, we teach you how to turn policy into a practical action plan, drawing on industry best practice, your recent projects, and previous learnings to transform your culture and abilities. You’ll understand where to focus, what to prioritise and the tangible steps to deliver better outcomes.
  • Create commitment and real change stage 00

    Create commitment and real change

    How will you achieve company-wide commitment to deliver? What will it take to create lasting change

    • Building buy-in through education and alignment 
      We work with you to develop customised digital tools and collateral that shift how your people think, feel and act, so social and sustainable outcomes aren’t just the responsibility of a single team. They underpin everything you do. Using these high-impact assets, we help you educate, motivate and align all stakeholders so they’re supported to drive impact for your business and beyond, as the world changes.

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