Creation of a non-price attributes library boosts Brosnan’s tender win ratio by 300% and supports ambitious company growth plans.

To support an ambitious growth strategy Brosnan recognised the need to review and enhance its non-price attribute documents, develop pre-positioning materials, and improve its performance in EOI, RFP, RFI and RFTs.

How Height helped

After meeting with several providers Brosnan selected Height to provide the writing services.

Height assembled a dedicated team, that were supported by flexible writing resource input, including graphics capability. The team worked closely with Brosnan Divisional Managers to identify quantifiable value propositions and key themes to apply in response documents.

Rigorous discussion and creative layout input established engaging written materials that put the customer front and centre of submissions and that clearly linked company policy to service features, client benefits and quantifiable proof of outcomes.

A collaboration platform was established on Brosnan’s SharePoint to assemble tender response drafts and house attribute documents. The Brosnan/Height team conducted weekly catchups to review progress, prioritise work and provide updates.


Height delivered a full suite of fresh attributes to form an up-to-date library, enabling significant time and resource savings for Brosnan’s bidding activities. Height’s contribution supported the change in narrative to being customer orientated, focusing on outcomes produced from Brosnan’s service features and how they benefited the client. The writing team proved the case for dedicated writing resources and paved the way for Brosnan to establish a permanent in-house bid management team.

Over a seven-month engagement period Height delivered:

  • Assistance with 24 bid responses (RFP, RFT, EOI)
  • 5 major pre-positioning case studies/marketing documents
  • One- and two-page CV’s and short format tender bios pre-written for 58 staff.
  • 22 one or two-page profiles for a range of remediation, refurbishment and new build projects
  • Development of general and project specific organisation chart frameworks
  • A central attributes library of master responses including Executive Summaries, Company History, Company information, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, and Broader Outcomes


  • Lowered cost of bidding - Reduced time /cost of submitting Non price attributes by 65%
  • EOI/ROI Win rate has improved from 49% to 100%, RFTs from 20% to 60% - with a goal to achieve 80% moving forward.

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