Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit

New Zealand faces many socio-economic and environmental challenges, from inequality to climate change.

With decision-makers urgently needing to tackle such social and environmental challenges, Height and Auckland Councils have jointly developed a Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit as a practical, easy-to-use solution to deliver change. 

It is New Zealand’s first universal (and free) platform to make transparent, understandable and credible decisions about spending limited resources while pursuing social and environmental benefits. It can be used by non-experts in sustainability to embed sustainable outcomes.

Please download your free copy of the Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit or the Suppliers Guide below.

Or download a flyer which provides an overview of the Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit.

We also offer the Sustainable Outcomes Workshop to help organisations develop their sustainable procurement strategy.

Please contact our Principal - Procurement, Kel McBeath, if you would like to discuss a sustainable outcomes strategy for your organisation.

Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit

Tools to guide and support the practical implementation of sustainable outcomes have often been a road block. The Toolkit approach aims to address potential implementation issues by providing a methodology to recognizing which areas of a procurement are opportunities for improving sustainable outcomes.

Supplier Guide

The supplier guide provides buying organisations with advice on how to incorporate sustainable outcomes questions into procurement documents.

Sustainable Outcomes Workshop

Identify opportunities for sustainability, build your sustainability strategy and develop your delivery plan.

Introducing the Toolkit

An overview of the Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit

Coming soon: Measurement Tool

The measurement tool will assist in measuring the impact of implementing sustainable outcomes techniques.