Sue Hart


Sue Hart

It’s incredibly rewarding to support a client to win after an intensive and competitive bid process. It’s especially satisfying when you’ve gone through the whole process of prepositioning to shape a client’s pitch and relationships.

Core skills

Bid management and production, prepositioning, market intelligence, bid mobilisation, project management, team leadership, business development.

A highly successful and experienced bid manager, Sue has worked on complex bids targeting the aviation industry including Boeing, Airbus and airlines throughout the world.

After completing her management degree, Sue began a career in aviation at Air New Zealand.  With almost 20 years in the industry, she has been able to advance her skills in communication, planning and stakeholder management.  Excelling within this industry, her work focused on leading large projects and teams to deliver winning bid strategies, presentations and proposals.

“One of my career highlights to date has been leading a team to successfully win a large airline programme that we had targeted for a long time. This airline had an incumbent supplier they’d used for many years so we went into the bidding phase very much as the underdog.”

Her experience to date in communications, finance, operations and logistics, PR, marketing and engineering services provide strong industry transferrable skills. 

Sue’s inherent ability to translate technical and complex information into informative and value-add bid proposals and presentations has allowed her to continuously deliver results for clients.