Methodology Accelerator is a full-day, project-specific workshop that uses a risk-based approach to develop your solution. You’ll leave with a robust base delivery plan, and a fuller understanding of the project’s key risks and drivers.

Is your methodology overly complicated or unclear?

Do you understand all the project’s risks and opportunities?

Are you struggling to find alternative delivery options? 


1. Introduction and Risk Assessment

  • Project overview and introductions.

  • Initial roundtable discussion of risks and opportunities. Review of key customer pinch points and issues.

  • SWOT analysis of current state.

2. Baseline Risk Assessment

  • Operational, commercial, and compliance-based risks. Develop mitigation strategies for key risks.

  • Explore opportunities for alternative solutions.

3. Methodology Design

  • Prioritising project constraints and risks.

  • Workshop key programme activities and sequence of delivery.

  • Develop base visualisation of project delivery.

4. Next Stps

  • Linking methodology to customer needs. Discuss elements of methodology.

  • Developing an action list and de ning roles and responsibilities.

  • Methodology AcceleratorTM is ideal for businesses in the technical and engineering sectors. We’ve successfully held the workshop in the construction, road and utility maintenance, facilities maintenance, open spaces, ICT, public transport and defence industries.


  • Translate your team’s knowledge into a clearly defined delivery plan

  • Understand the project’s key risks, and develop mitigation solutions

  • Ensure all staff, subcontractors and suppliers are aligned

  • Identify alternative solutions and value engineering

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