It’s important to keep pace with where the infrastructure and construction industries are headed next. Yet we don’t all need to be digital developers to lead and influence. 

In our experience at Height, technology on its own can only go so far. It’s when we combine the power of tech with the power of people, cultural change and kaupapa that transforming the way we work and delivering more value becomes truly possible.

In fact, we believe staying relevant in a time of digital transformation takes seeing the world through a human lens, as much as a technological one. 

Working with our clients and in our own business, we consider broader outcomes, social procurement, tender writing, contract management and a Māori perspective in the tech we develop, employ and share.

This approach, along with support from NZTE, means we’ve been able to automate internal processes and use data to transform how we lead and manage our business. 

More importantly, it means we’re enhancing the customer products and experience we deliver—so our clients can also transform the way they work on challenging construction and infrastructure projects, and create positive change for people and performance.

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