The way we work here is both intelligent and efficient – we put our heads together, scour the issues and then turn around relevant solutions and material for our clients. And our culture is about people first - from supporting team members, to delivering for our clients, to understanding what our clients’ customers need.
— Claire

Claire McCarthy


CORE SKILLS: Marketing and brand communications, market research, customer relationship management, internal and organisational communications, stakeholder engagement.

Claire is an experienced communications professional with a background in journalism and marketing. She joined Height in 2017, and supports clients in crafting their value proposition to match the needs of their market or audience.  She also assists Height with our marketing and communications strategy.

Claire started her career as a journalist in the education sector, where she won two Qantas Media Awards including Junior Feature Writer of the Year.

She was marketing manager for Middlesex University Business School in London and a communications manager for Unitec in Auckland.

She is enjoying the working style at Height. 


Claire has a Bachelor of Communication Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management.

She is a busy mum, loves eating out, and is an occasional food writer and food tour guide.

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