Bid Strategy

Our industry knowledge, insights from procurement, and expert writing and design give our clients the edge in complex bids.


Over the past four years Height’s bidding team has helped 21 customers chase 83 construction, infrastructure and maintenance contracts.

Our strategic bid management service includes:

  • Defining the bid win strategy

  • Construction staging and technical methodology

  • Bid writing design and packaging

  • Commercial review and risk assessment

  • Pricing strategies

  • Bid reviews

  • Coaching for presentations

  • Contract transition and interim management.


Pre-positioning is where the bid is won. Our project stats show just how important prework before the actual tender is:

  • In 100% of all successful Height tenders, our customer had pre-positioned well (and/or they were an existing supplier).

  • In 81% of all lost tenders our customer had done no project-specific pre-positioning with their client. 

What does this tell us? 

The greatest impact you can have is outside of the bid process. Once the RFx (Request for Proposal/Request for Tender etc) comes to market, it’s too late!

The RFx stage is only a very small part of a much longer process. 

Pre-positioning is about: 

  • Building trust by creating experiences for your client (“I like and trust you, we could work together”) 

  • Getting to know the client and what keeps them awake at night (“You understand my problems”) 

  • Sharing your time and knowledge generously with the client (“You care about me and know your stuff”) 

  • Influencing the procurement process so that it is inevitable that the client should choose you (“I want you to deliver”) 

A well-written, compliant and compelling bid document is important, but the reality is that if you have not pre-positioned well your chances are slim no matter how good your bid.

Business Performance 

We support our clients in business areas prior to, during, and following major bids.

These include:

  • Technical and delivery innovation – helping clients be innovative.

  • Establishing clear business strategies and processes.

  • Translating goals and plans into everyday behaviours and actions.

  • Establishing effective use of project, financial and risk management tools.

  • Joint venture opportunities and negotiations.

We will customise a solution that meets your needs and budget.

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