An intensive one-day course, during which you’ll learn the fundamentals of tendering good practice. Through this interactive, practical course, we’ll give you the tools you need for success at every stage of the tender process.

  • Have your recent tenders received low scores?

  • Do you struggle to transition from tender to delivery?

  • Are you lost as to how to pre-position yourself for tender success? 


1. Market shaping

  • Customer-focused selling: how and why.

  • Developing your value proposition.

  • Competitor analysis.

  • Entering new markets: tendering in NZ, Australia and internationally.

2. The tender process

  • Bid budgets and bid/no bid assessments. Tender evaluation team analysis.

  • Risk and opportunity management. Workshop exercise: business SWOT analysis.

3. Bid strategy

  • Highlighting strengths and mitigating weaknesses. Workshop exercise: proposal review. Customer-focused writing.

  • Workshop exercise: developing an outline executive summary.

4. Bid management

  • Developing a writing plan.

  • Tender compliance.

  • The bid management process: stages and reviews.

5. Post submission

  • Preparing for presentations and negotiations. Transitioning from tender to delivery.


  • Learn how to create customer- focused solutions

  • Get an overview of tendering good practice

  • Understand how to identify key win themes, develop sustainable pricing and manage risk.

  • Learn practical writing techniques and presentation skills for bids and client engagements

  • Learn to manage client expectations and ensure a pro table outcome.

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