Population growth, inequality and climate change present an array of challenges to global, national and local organisations. Yet, there is a huge opportunity to make a positive difference to social and environmental outcomes through your organisation’s purchasing and operating decisions. This sustainable Outcomes Workshop Allows you to identify your sustainability targets, embed culture change, and create a robust plan for operations and delivery.

Height consultants developed New Zealand’s first Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit along with Auckland Council. This has been recognised as a finalist in the 2019 EY NZ Procurement Excellence Awards for Social and Environmental Impact.

  • Identify opportunities for sustainability

  • Build your sustainability strategy

  • Develop your delivery plan

What We Offer

Stage One - Build your high-level strategy

  1. Overview of the sustainable outcomes area

  2. Identify the issues we are trying to solve

  3. Align sustainable outcomes opportunity areas with organisation-wide goals

  4. Define the high-level strategy

  5. How to embed a sustainability culture

Stage Two - Build your operational approach

  1. Use high-level strategy categories to identify opportunities within specific projects to align and deliver strategy and define key focus areas

  2. Build an operational approach using a relevant project

What will your team take away?

  • An understanding of current knowledge and practices within sustainable outcomes

  • An understanding of associated risks and constraints

  • A high-level sustainable outcomes strategy for your organisation with opportunities identified

  • A draft operational delivery plan

The Height Approach

Height workshops are designed for your organisation to take a significant step forward in creating strategic work. They are focused on meeting outcomes agreed with you in advance. Just as importantly, they bring participants along on the journey. Everyone has the chance for input and to understand why decisions are made through the workshop. This helps engender the buy-in that is vital for culture change and embedding actions after the event.

Who is this for?

We have successfully run this workshop with clients across the public and private sectors. It is suitable for any organisation that needs a practical way to embed sustainable outcomes into its organisation as a whole, or into particular contracts or projects. Up to 12 members of your organisation (or relevant partner organisations) can participate.

Sustainable Outcomes Workshop print-friendly PDF