Our Sustainability Journey

We do some things well, and we want to do more


Height is a values-led organisation which helps create sustainable communities alongside our clients. 

We view sustainability as covering all dimensions of wellbeing: environmental, cultural, social and economic. 

Height is committed to looking at our own organisation and understanding what we do well, and what we can do better. 

As of October 2019, we have our first sustainability plan which covers the next six to 12 months. This can be found here.

Key attributes of sustainable outcomes at Height:

  • As a professional services business, our environmental footprint is relatively minor compared to many other industries. Nevertheless, we are implementing a baseline measurement of our carbon footprint, and identifying how we can reduce it.

  • We are also looking at waste minimisation measures. We are fuelled by coffee, and have just cut disposable coffee cups, purchasing a set of glass cups for the team. This will cut out 800+ single-use coffee cups each year. We are lucky enough to have a great café downstairs, Ivy & Bean, who keep a set if anyone forgets theirs. We are putting pressure on our office suppliers vendors to eliminate unnecessary packaging.

  • As a Māori-owned business, Height recognises the importance of engaging with iwi, Māori trusts, and other Māori enterprises to further advance Māori. We are looking at how we can strengthen and deepen our commitment to contributing to racial equality in Aotearoa.

  • Women play an integral role in leadership and client-facing roles. Women make up more than 50% of our staff, which is very high in the male-dominated construction and infrastructure sector. This is enabled in part by our flexible work policies. We are committed to empowering our wahine toa.  

  • Our well-established intern and graduate programmes see us invest in the next generation of professionals in our sector. They offer new diverse perspectives on which helps Height to continuously innovate and deliver the best outcomes for clients and community.  

  • We have a history of giving back to the community through pro bono work and charitable giving, and we will be looking more at not-for-profit organisations who can benefit from our services. 

We are absolutely committed to innovating and championing approaches that lead to sustainable communities, particularly in construction and infrastructure. We have co-developed a Sustainable Outcomes Toolkit with Auckland Council Healthy Waters (finalist in the EY Procurement Excellence Awards 2019).

We have open-sourced this platform so any organisation can use it to easily identify and evaluate sustainable outcomes within projects and contracts.