Super Subbie is a year-long business mentoring programme,

designed to support the growth of small-to-medium sized

local businesses. Tailored to the needs of the growing

subcontractors, the course provides business owners with

the framework and tools to successfully and sustainably scale-

up their company, with the vision of growing all the way to a

prime contractor.


  • Build your business with a year-long business coaching program

  • Benefit from monthly mentoring sessions with industry leaders

  • Create a roadmap for your business’s long-term growth


1. Capability Assessment

  • Establishing performance benchmarks

  • Identifying current barriers to growth

2. Two-Day Intensive Workshops

Tailored program building on Height’s most successful workshops including:

  • Tendering 101 – learn the fundamentals of winning work for major contracts and understand your customers

  • Pricing Smart – improve commercial and negotiation strength to support sustainable profit

  • Pitch Builder – develop your core value proposition

3. Monthly Mentoring

  • Guidance to grow from industry experts

  • Ensuring accountability and success

4. Quarterly Reviews

  • Setting quarterly rocks

  • Assessing progress against previous rocks and resetting rocks or goals

5. Year-end Evaluation

  • Thorough appraisal of year’s performance

  • Have we achieved our targets for the year?

  • How do we achieve our 3-year goals?


  • A defined one-page business plan

  • Identification of business strengths and weaknesses

  • Set quarterly rocks and year-end targets – and industry leading mentoring to achieve them

  • Understanding how procurement works, and refine your approach to winning tenders

  • Clear understanding of core customer – who to target and who not to

  • A refined value proposition, explaining clearly to customers ‘this is what we do and how it adds value for you’


Height is committed to supporting buyers and suppliers alike to help drive positive social change throughout New Zealand and Australia. We are a Māori owned business and Australasia’s leading technical tendering and procurement consultancy.


Our team have a strong engineering skillset with experience in developing solutions across construction and infrastructure projects. We employ people who have run projects and worked in management teams of significant revenue and build size. Our backgrounds include engineering, law, project management, business development, technical writing, communications and design.

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