The culture at Height isn’t something that can be bought, taught or learnt.
It cuts through every aspect of the business, and is built on high levels of respect for each other and our clients.”
— Sebastian

Sebastian Prescott


CORE SKILLS: mechanical engineering; methodology development; business development; project planning, pricing

Sebastian is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Canterbury who began working at Height full-time in January 2019.

Whilst studying engineering Sebastian discovered he had strong interests in business and politics, so Height is an ideal fit. 

With Height working at the intersection of technical and business problems – on projects that are often high-profile and politically charged – Sebastian’s combination of skills and interests offer huge value to our clients. 

 “It is being strategic around problem-solving that gets me excited about a job and I have been able to do that in both the bidding and procurement sides of the business, as well as through internal work around product development.”

“So far, I have had the opportunity to engage in business development, writing procurement price schedules, research around social procurement and drafting strategic material for new products.”

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