A business mentoring & training programme, designed to support the application of a commercial mindset in military units. The course provides unit leaders with the framework and tools to successfully and sustainably embed commercial outcomes

  • Develop your unit with a year-long business coaching programme

  • Benefit from monthly mentoring sessions with industry leaders

  • Create a roadmap for your unit’s long-term growth  

THE Programme

1. Capability Assessment

  • Establishing performance benchmarks

  • Identifying current barriers to growth

2. Two-Day Intensive Workshop

Tailored programme building on Height’s successful business strategy workshops. Building a roadmap and business plan to crystallise and drive unit outcomes that are customer focused. Drive change through commercial best practice. We cover:

  • Customer focus - who is our customer and what are their needs?

  • Adding value by taking away our customer’s problems - developing a unique unit value proposition

  • Measuring performance and outcomes - how do we measure and drive performance?

  • Unit performance analysis - SWOT analysis and areas to focus performance improvement

Building a 12-month business plan – where are we now and where do we want to be in 12 months? Core actions and quarterly rocks to get us there


Our leadership and personal plans include:

3. Monthly Mentoring

  • Guidance to grow from industry experts

  • Focus on actions and accountability

4. Quarterly Reviews

  • Review quarterly rocks

  • Assess progress against previous rocks and resetting of goals

5. Year-end Evaluation

  • Through appraisal of year’s performance

  • Have we achieved our targets for the year?

  • How do we achieve our 3-year goals?


  • A defined one-page business plan

  • Identification of your unit strengths and weaknesses

  • Set quarterly rocks and year-end targets – and industry-leading mentoring to achieve them

  • Clear understanding of core customer – grow into a customer-centric organisation

  • A refined value proposition, explaining clearly to customers ‘this is what we do and how it adds value for you

Running your unit as a business print-friendly PDF