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Procurement Strategiser™ is a full day workshop to design an outcomes-driven procurement solution by building a base to define end customer expectations and identify project risk.

Unclear on customer needs and scope risks?

Unsure of how to define your user requirements?

Confused as to what's the best approach to procurement?


1. Thinking like a customer

  • Who is our real customer?
  • What are their needs and issues?
  • How do we solve the clients problems?
  • What does contractual success look like for the customer?

2. Baseline risk assessment

  • Identify key operational, commercial, and compliance-based risks.
  • Develop mitigation strategies for key risks.
  • Explore opportunities for alternative solutions.

3. Methodology design

  • Prioritising project outcomes, constraints and risks.
  • Develop base visualisation of project delivery.
  • Risk and outcome based discussion on best procurement mechanism and contractual model to use.

4. Procurement programme design

  • Workshop key programme activities and sequence of delivery.
  • Identify who the market is and impacts on the market of differing procurement approaches.
  • Design high level plan for delivery including key outcomes and timeline.


  • Understand global trends and disruptive technology
  • Develop an innovation implementation plan
  • Turn potential disruption into opportunity
  • Create a vision for the future of your organisation
  • Identify tangible steps to take today to meet the challenges of tomorrow 

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