A six-hour intensive course that provides an overview of pricing basics.

You’ll learn how to price your products and services effectively, and how to use pricing strategies to protect your bottom line.

  • Understand schedules and the principles of pricing

  • Develop effective strategies to manage risk and maximise margin

  • Understand risk and options for risk management

  • Feel confident and informed in pricing discussions. 


1. Cost of sale and rate build up

  • Understanding your true cost of sale.

  • Pricing structure: direct costs, direct overheads, corporate overheads, risk and margin.

  • How to build a labour rate: a step-by-step guide.

  • Workshop exercise: developing a pricing schedule and basis of payment

2. Pricing strategy

  • The four key pricing strategies: economy, skimming, premium and market penetration.

  • Developing your pricing strategy: market competitive pricing, sustainable pricing, value-based pricing.

  • Competitor intelligence: what are my competitors charging, and how can I find out?

3. Risk and opportunity management

  • Value engineering: cost optimisation and alternatives.

  • Risk management 101: identifying and managing risk.

  • Risks to watch out for: common risks that can impact your bottom line.

  • Workshop exercise: identifying risks and mitigation strategies.

4. Improving your win rate

  • Market shaping.

  • Tender delivery.

  • Negotiation, transition, delivery.