A full-day workshop, during which you’ll critically analyse your customer and competition to develop your core value proposition.

The workshop can be targeted at a specific opportunity, or we can look at your market more generally.

  • Do you struggle to differentiate your business from your competitors?

  • Are your customers confused about what you offer?

  • Are you struggling to convert opportunities into sales? 


1. Thinking like a customer

  • The customer decision-making process.

  • Know your customers: key decision makers and their issues.

  • Your customers' customers: why the end user is important.

  • Power mapping.

  • Testing your value proposition: does it solve your customers’ problems

2. Competitor analysis

  • Pitch Builder is designed for complex technical B2B sales: it’s ideal if you’re preparing for a major pitch, wanting to develop a winning tender, or looking to develop new products or services.Workshop exercise: competitor analysis.

  • Emerging trends and influences

3. Refine and strengthen your value proposition

  • Workshop exercise: business SWOT analysis.

  • Refine your value proposition

  • Applying your value proposition for best effect.


  • Develop a clear, customer-focused value proposition

  • Drive customer-centric new products and service offerings

  • Create a base for your executive summary, proposal or pitch

  • Create opportunities for negotiated or sole sourced work

  • Understand your place in the market, and how to maximise it.

Pitch Builder Print-friendly PDF