What we do

We help our clients optimise the services they provide – to benefit us all.

We help organisations sell their services (see bid strategy), and buy (see procurement strategy) - generally for complex and high-risk projects.

Part of selling and buying at this level involves staying relevant through innovation, so Height helps clients plan for change in the future. Our clients impact our communities every day, in all sorts of sectors. Here are the key ones: 



Roading: Our client wanted to enter the competitive road maintenance market. Height developed an organisational and technical solution for the bid, focusing on the end user experience. Our client won the pitch based on customer delivery, not on price.

Water, Wastewater and Stormwater: Drawing on Height’s technical expertise to support the procurement of water operations and maintenance contracts. 

Utilities: Winning work in the power and transmission space involves critically managing safety and delivery. Our client has won multiple large-scale, complex contracts using Height’s structured, risk-based approach to developing methodology.

Aviation: A specialist aerospace component manufacturer asked Height for bid support. Through a structured analysis of airline business and technical requirements, we decluttered the messaging and developed a highly engaging methodology and value proposition.        

Defence: Procurement training and strategy for air force maintenance repairs and innovation.

Maritime: Supporting a marine manufacturer to preposition and pitch to law enforcement and safety agencies to supply their vessels.  

Facilities and open spaces: When an emerging open space management contractor (parks, sports grounds and urban squares etc) was seeking a large regional contract we helped them engage early (prepositioning) with the customer to understand their issues. Height designed a pitch and delivery solution that was risk-based and customer-focused. 

Iwi liaison: Supporting Government agencies with social procurement reviews and Maori responsiveness plans.

Health: Providing procurement strategy for the regional health network’s IT needs.

Education: As the international student market becomes more competitive a challenge is upskilling staff on pricing and commercial risk management. Height’s workshop Pricing Smart was tailored to the education sector and delivered to lead to new market opportunities.

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Our clients work with us again and again because of the demonstrable return on investment Height delivers.

Please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you. 

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