A full-day workshop, during which you’ll analyse a recent business deliverable – from feasibility through to execution.

Through a facilitated session your team will acknowledge the need to change, and jointly agree on a plan for improvement.


  • Did your project fail to deliver the results you wanted?

  • Was your customer left disappointed and frustrated?

  • Are you struggling to achieve cultural change? 


1. Project overview and introduction

Project scope and overview: the project lifecycle Initial brainstorm: what went well, what went badly? Review of customer and stakeholder feedback. Prioritise key themes and issues.

2. Root cause and analysis

Review each key issue in depth: understanding the core problem. Lessons learnt: what can we do differently next time?
Generate action list for improvement.

3. Report and review

Deliver report with key issues, action list and roles and responsibilities. Hold follow-up meeting: review action list.

Lessons Learnt uses a structured approach that’s designed for projects across a range of industry sectors and types of organisation. It’s ideal if you’ve recently lost a major sales opportunity, your procurement process hasn’t delivered the outcomes you were looking for, or you’re wanting to achieve a cultural shift and joint buy-in for change. 

Lessons Learnt print-friendly PDF