A collaborative one-day workshop to kick-start innovation in your organisation. 

We will examine global trends and discover ways for you to innovate. Harnessing technology and social engagement will "future-proof" your business. 

Does your organisation struggle to innovate and implement change?

Concerned about disruptive trends and technologies?

Will your business offering be relevant in the future?


1. Exponential change

  • Project global trends and disruptive technologies. Build a picture of your future industry and customer. Develop your future business offering.
  • Understand the business climate of the future.

2. Identify critical business issues

  • Analyse the impact of key issues on operations and strategy. Prioritise factors critical to your future customer.
  • Position your business in the market of the future.

3. Create a future-driven implementation plan

  • Develop a specific vision around each critical factor.
  • Construct an implementation timeline with tangible steps at each stage. Critically analyse the feasibility of each step.

4. Your business in the future

  • Consider the transition to greater automation through arti cial intelligence, robotics and deep learning.
  • Picture your employee of the future.
  • Identify the skills and education you need going forward. 


  • Understand global trends and disruptive technology
  • Develop an innovation implementation plan
  • Turn potential disruption into opportunity
  • Create a vision for the future of your organisation
  • Identify tangible steps to take today to meet the challenges of tomorrow 

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