A tender document is so much more than dry words on a page. It is a bespoke piece of marketing material, a unique opportunity to showcase your company and engage the client in a personal and targeted way.
— Emma

Emma Harris


CORE SKILLS: Infographics, editorial and layout, retouching, presentation and pitch work

Emma has a degree in visual communication and more than 12 years’ international and local experience as a designer.

Born and bred in Christchurch, Emma spent 10 years freelancing in Sydney and London before moving to Auckland and starting at Height. 

Emma's strength is her versatility and wealth of experience in different sectors with varied clients, including financial institutions, publishing, entertainment, sport, agency and local government. She’s designed for brands such as The Daily Telegraph, Harrods, London Transport Museum, Formula E and Arsenal Football Club.  

Emma understands the role good visual presentation has in making complex, technical information easy to digest for non-specialists. She is particularly skilled in creating simple, beautiful infographics, and enjoys developing a consistent look and feel for use across multiple media. She has quickly developed her knowledge of the infrastructure and engineering sectors, and understands the importance of speed and accuracy in supporting our clients.  

Emma is known for her high standards of work combined with a friendly, open and collaborative working style.

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