Our five-year celebration – having a blast

As we hit the five-year mark of being in business, I took a moment to reflect on the great vibe in the office, and take a quick snapshot of what the team was working on.

It shouldn’t have surprised me, but as I added up the numbers, it kind of blew my mind:

  • At that very moment, the team was supporting more than $675M of major water, roading, maritime, manufacturing, intelligent traffic technology, and infrastructure contracts
  • In parallel, we were overseeing $405M of technical procurements and associated support in the water, FM, rail, aviation, defence, and solid waste sectors
  • The projects were with clients and partners in the US, Hong Kong, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Fiji, and all parts of New Zealand.

Our success has been driven by a number of things, but at the heart of it has been a dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving and values-driven team. It really is the adage “getting the right people on the bus, sitting in the right seats, and pointing in the right direction,” which has underpinned our success. This not only reflects the great diversity of work we are involved in, but also our loyal international customer base and world-class Net Promoter Score (we seek customer feedback after every project, and our NPS is currently tracking around 50).

The start of the new 2018/19 financial year brings with it great excitement and optimism for the team at Height and our customers.

Without giving too much away, here are some highlights:

  • New offices – we are excited to be moving into new premises in Mount Eden, Auckland. The space will be larger, and also have dedicated project areas for clients to work directly and confidentially with us.
  • Exploring opportunities within the United States and Canada – in conjunction with me attending the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Global Leadership Conference in April in Toronto, and with support from NZTE, I will be completing a fact-finding mission to the US and Canada to explore business opportunities and review the latest innovations in procurement and tendering.
  • Community support and volunteering – solidifying our ongoing support for KidsCan; helping to grow the next lot of New Zealand and Australian emerging entrepreneurs through the APAC EO Accelerator Programme; providing mentoring support for Maori entrepreneurs in Kokiri and also supporting New Zealand Defence Force Veterans transitioning out of the military through the NZDF Resettlement Training Programme; and investing in, and growing, the leaders and talent of tomorrow through our intern and graduate programme.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers and also my team and our families who allow us to do what we passionately love doing.

Be awesome, Warner 

Warner Cowin, Height CEO

Height's 4 year Anniversary: celebrating the humble garage

It is surprising to note how many well-known companies started from humble beginnings in their founders’ garage and grew into something much bigger: Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google and Harley-Davidson, to name a few. From one garage to the next, here we are celebrating Height’s humble beginnings in Warner’s garage four years ago. We are amazed how quickly our company has developed into a team of 11 consultants, with a great client base, now tackling opportunities all around the globe. Through the success of our clients, we have fast built a reputation as “Australasia’s leading Technical Tendering and Procurement Consultancy.”

We are hugely excited about the fresh and massive opportunities the new financial year will bring for our clients. In 2017 from Height you will see a brand refresh and we will also be launching new products and services to help you add real value to your business.

To our clients, customers and supporters, thank you for working with us over the past four years; it has been a great experience so far and we look forward to working with you in 17/18 FY.

5 reasons to intern at a small business - insights from our Height interns


Here are some top reasons why interning at a small business is just as valuable as experience gained with a large corporate.

Every student knows how stressful researching and applying for internships can be. What many don't know is that you don’t have to stick to the big corporates – interning at a small business can be just as (or even more) awesome. From two current interns, here are five reasons to intern at a small business.

1. Ownership and responsibility

In a small business, you get given responsibility for projects and deliverables almost immediately. Due to their limited resources, they need to trust you early on – whether that means one-on-one client visits, working with confidential information or being involved with strategic decision-making. The challenge here is you have to learn fast to keep up with information and responsibility thrown your way from day one. Say yes and then figure out how to do it!

2. Diversity of experience At Height, interns write reports, edit contracts, facilitate innovation workshops and so much more. The diversity of experience is massive compared to the niche roles you would fill in a larger organisation. There is something uniquely satisfying about a role where you construct your desk on the first day and present to a client’s leadership team one month in.


3. Listening and being heard – your opinion counts! Small businesses have to be great listeners to understand what their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders need. If they don’t, they will be out-competed by a larger or more relevant competitor. This means that they’re great at listening to you, even as an intern. When you contribute it’s exciting to see your suggestions in the products delivered to clients. To succeed, you need to learn to be just as good a listener as your team.

4. Being part of a small team

Over the course of two months, you get close enough to tease your boss about his ancient car and remember the names of your colleagues’ spouses and children. When you work in a small team, they quickly become your friends. But if you feel like you don’t fit in with the crew, it might be a rough few months. Don’t be afraid to ask to meet the team when you apply. Most of all, don’t accept a role if you’re certain you won’t be happy there.


5. Flexible working arrangements Flexible working arrangements are a big perk of interning at a small business. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing, so you’re trusted to work from home or leave early to shoot off to your personal trainer. The downside is you have to manage your workload carefully and make things happen close to deadlines. You get used to going home anytime from midday to 10pm.

Interning at a small business doesn’t have to be your second choice; they are competitive, well-rounded experiences where you face a new challenge everyday. If this sounds like you, just go for it!

About the Authors – Interns at Height:


Jade Crawford – Recent University of Auckland Graduate, Majors: Accounting, Geography, Management and Psychology, third culture kid and gym bunny

Patrick Williams – Third Year at University of Canterbury, Majors: Finance and Accounting, road hazard (cyclist) and weekend adventurer