Height's 4 year Anniversary: celebrating the humble garage

It is surprising to note how many well-known companies started from humble beginnings in their founders’ garage and grew into something much bigger: Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google and Harley-Davidson, to name a few. From one garage to the next, here we are celebrating Height’s humble beginnings in Warner’s garage four years ago. We are amazed how quickly our company has developed into a team of 11 consultants, with a great client base, now tackling opportunities all around the globe. Through the success of our clients, we have fast built a reputation as “Australasia’s leading Technical Tendering and Procurement Consultancy.”

We are hugely excited about the fresh and massive opportunities the new financial year will bring for our clients. In 2017 from Height you will see a brand refresh and we will also be launching new products and services to help you add real value to your business.

To our clients, customers and supporters, thank you for working with us over the past four years; it has been a great experience so far and we look forward to working with you in 17/18 FY.