A big thanks to our interns

At Height we genuinely value the perspectives and enthusiasm interns bring to our business. We've been very fortunate in who we've found. They've been from different academic disciplines, but are always hard-working, adaptable, and like a laugh - important for fitting in with the culture at Height.

We have just farewelled two interns so they can go back to their studies - but our interns are not just for summer! We stay in touch and try and bring them back throughout the year for part-time work.

University of Canterbury Finance and Accounting student Patrick Williams started with us over Summer 16/17, continued working for us during the holidays last year, and returned this summer. (He was also the recipient of a Prime Minister’s Scholarship in 2017, and spent three months at university in Singapore). 

Last year, Patrick and Jade Crawford wrote a post: 5 reasons to intern at a small business with some great insights for students considering internship options. 




This summer we also welcomed Samuel Hudson, a fourth-year Law and Political Science student from the University of Auckland. Samuel is about to start his honours in law and has a strong interest in international and environmental law.

Samuel offers up another perspective of interning at Height:

“As a law student I’ve become familiar with drafting contracts from a legal perspective. I wasn’t fully aware of the level of detail that is involved with buying agencies and contractors to get contracts off the ground. There is a high level of due diligence and analysis which goes into creating sustainable procurement contracts that we work with at Height.”




“My work has included market research for bid plans, and additionally looking at how we can shape a product on the basis of that information for further use. I’ve contributed to the writing and framing of programme plans, drafting bid documents and proofreading, as well as assisting in the preparation and running of workshops—all with oversight and support from the team here."

Samuel points out that while Height is a small company, it works on significant projects.

"I’ve been able to experience a range of areas in depth during my relatively short internship. Whenever I have needed guidance there’s always someone happy to help. I’m looking forward to continuing on part-time during the year!”