365 days of giving

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Four years ago when Height was just a fledgling small business operating out of my garage, we made a really important decision. We made a commitment to provide an annual sponsorship to KidsCan

I have always admired KidsCan, a New Zealand-based charity. They have a very practical focus on what children need - and what some families find hard to provide: shoes and socks that fit, nutritious school lunches, raincoats, head lice treatment even.

It was an important decision for Height to support KidsCan because it helped set the tone for the kind of company we wanted to be. Even though we were establishing a new business – with all the costs and demands that entails – we wanted to make giving back a priority.

We see Height as part of our community. We help our clients with essential infrastructure and many other projects that deliver outstanding services for New Zealanders.

KidsCan makes a real difference to an important group of New Zealanders too: children from disadvantaged backgrounds who don’t always receive what they need to thrive. Height’s sponsorship of KidsCan supports 25 children every day of every year. 

We don’t do Christmas gifts for our clients. We deeply respect and admire our clients and the work they do – and we work our socks off for them throughout the year. But we put our gift money into giving disadvantaged children in New Zealand a better start instead.

Our clients are the kind of people who back this.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Warner Cowin, Height CEO