BD Health Check™ provides your business with a systematic review of your business development processes, benchmarked against international best practice.

Increase sales, while reducing cost-of-sale and stress

Benchmark business development processes and systems against industry best practice

Develop an action plan for continuous growth and improvement

THE Process

1. BD assessment

  • Height reviews your tender or sales documents with our unique assessment tool, covering seven key challenge areas:

  • Understanding buyers and opportunities

  • Relationship building

  • Analysing win rates and developing bid/no bid processes

  • Value proposition and USP

  • Tendering

  • Pitching and presenting

  • Post-tender follow up

2. BD workshop

  • Facilitated workshop with a Height consultant and key members of your team

  • Discuss current systems and processes across the seven challenge areas, such as pre- and post-tender, customer engagement and risk management

  • Analyse win rate and understand your business’s trends

3. BD Report and Way Forward

  • We provide a report (approximately 20-25 pages) detailing your level of BD maturity, with clear recommendations for achieving BD best practice.


  • Develop an action plan that clearly defines a step-by-step pathway towards growth

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses in order to strategise improvements

  • Increase tender win rate by streamlining your business strategy and sales.