I enjoy the whole process of helping businesses sell their products. By understanding and responding closely to their customers’ needs we can identify gaps in what they offer and ensure we are best capturing the value that you can offer.”
— Alex

Alex Costantini

CONSULTANT – Tendering and Business Development


CORE SKILLS: Technical writing, research and analysis, tender and bid management, strategic business development, client engagement, bid production.

We welcomed Alex to the Height team in early 2018. He came to the bid writing field from a background in neuroscience - experience which has given him an excellent ability to quickly dissect large amounts of technical information and transform it into clear compelling bid content.    

Alex was part-way through a PhD in neuroimmunology – looking at traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries – when he decided to defer his studies to have some career experience outside academia. At a health conference in Brisbane he approached the organisations attending about work opportunities, and was offered a research assistant role with an employment and training organisation. As they had no formal bid team, they would soon need some extra resource and Alex was seconded to support their tenders.

Alex is Australian, and he shifted to Auckland from Brisbane in 2017.  His most recent job was with Australian tendering agency BidWrite. 

Alex has worked alongside clients one-to-one or with large client teams of up to 30. He takes a very structured approach to sourcing and organising relevant material and helping clients focus on pinpointing the benefits and proof of their offer. 

Alex is interested in how technology is changing society and the way that we work. He welcomes opportunities to support businesses with their innovation strategies, including optimising existing technology and systems to achieve better outcomes.

Alex’s first degree was in biomedical science degree and he has an honours in neuroscience.

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